Greenhouses – What Do You Grow In Yours?

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A garden is like a blank canvas, in which you can put almost anything you want. Whether it’s a place to sit, or things to eat, or just things to look at, you can put them in your garden,an outdoor space of your very own.

The most common thing to do with gardens is to fill them with plants, especially grass lawns, but also bushes and trees. It can be very rewarding to see what you planted only a few months ago starting to take root, and then, over the years, seeing it grow larger and thrive.

While it takes care and attention, gardening is a hobby that many people feel they can get into.

Once you’re good enough to plant flowers and bushes and have them survive from season to season, you might even feel brave enough to start growing some of your own food. There are many crops you can grow even in a modestly-sized garden that will produce a lot of food and taste very good when you harvest them, root vegetables like potatoes and carrots work very well, as do berry bushes and apple trees. Food tastes much better when you know you’ve grown it yourself, and you save money too.

If you’re less green fingered than that, you can put other things in your garden apart from plants.

It’s not difficult to build a brick barbecue, for example, get some chairs and invite people round. You might like to build a patio or decking where you can sit away from the garden itself but still outdoors. Various kinds of paths and rock features are also popular things to put in a garden, as are decorative ornaments like garden gnomes and model birds. If you’re a fan of fish and water life, you can even dig yourself a pond, and get various animals and plants to put in it.

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